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小説・勉強会(82)『悪魔とRPG:米国大統領選挙の場合⑩』〜4月19日のニューヨーク予備選挙は「決戦!」 そして、それは何故なのか?


例年であれば、サンダースなんてもう撤退しているはずなんですよ! ウィスコンシンとか、ニューヨークの結果なんて、大勢に影響がないんです、通常ならね。では、なぜ今年は違うのか?!」


※できれば、下記の「Democracy Now!」で動画を!


※「Democracy Now!」より

ウィスコンシン州で勝利を収めたバーニー・サンダースとテッド・クルーズは、来週行われるニューヨーク州の予備選に集中しています。バー ニー・サンダースとヒラリー・クリントンは、4 月 19 日の予備選に先行して 14 日にニューヨークで討論会を行う予定です。民主党両候補の対決について、CNN 政治評論家のバン・ジョーンズに聞きます。

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AMY GOODMAN: I wanted to ask about this closed primary. I mean, you have a lot of people who’ve gotten extremely excited about this primary, after the debates and the primaries and the caucuses, when it looked like there was a real contest between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. But the chance to switch affiliation from independent, which is the big draw that Bernie Sanders has, to Democrat was back in October, before all of that started.


AMY GOODMAN: Is there a concern there around this?

VAN JONES: Well, definitely. And all these deformities and deficiencies in our electoral system always come into sharp relief. Usually, by this time, Wisconsin doesn’t matter, New York doesn’t matter, the whole thing’s wrapped up. Why is that not the case in this moment? Because the second Sanders surge is a real thing. He’s gone to victory after victory after victory. He was able to raise $43 million last month, when he should have been out of the race by normal standards.

AMY GOODMAN: Compared to Hillary Clinton’s $29.5 [million].

VAN JONES: Compared to Hillary—and Hillary Clinton’s—53 percent of her voters—her donors are already matched out—maxed out. They can’t give any more; they’ve already given so much. Three percent of Bernie’s are. That gives you a sense of the broad base of working-class people giving three bucks, 10 bucks, 30 bucks. And yet, because of the way this thing was structured, most of the races were in the South, where Hillary Clinton was going to win, and you do have these barriers to participation.

That said, this is the war to settle the score. New York City is the capital of the world. You have now these two titanic forces inside the Democratic Party clashing on the world stage here in New York City. Every single progressive, every single young person of color or people who care about these issues has a chance to do things that matter in the next two weeks. And I don’t think that we should just assume that because Hillary Clinton has—this is her third declared home state, between Arkansas and Illinois, that Bernie Sanders and other progressive forces can’t be heard from here in a way that matters.



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